Use cases

The principles

TOOKAN is a platform that will make your customers speak!
You will be able to build tailor-made forms including the capabilities for your customers to record their own voice!

TOOKAN allows to:
- Be different from your competitors in offering a new and innovative way of communication
- Ease the communication thanks to audio
- Feel your customers privileged
- Gain some time
- Structure the exchanged data between your customers and your business

The use cases are numerous and TOOKAN will adapt to any kind of situations: contact form, testimonials, recruitment, questionnaire, estimate,...

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Enrich your contact form

Use audio to understand better your customers

You will:
  • Maximize the customer satisfaction
  • Summarize the needs that can be tricky to describe
  • Enhance the customer engagement with a feeling of being privileged
  • Ease the connections

Stop using boring contact forms

  • A fully configurable form
  • Build the questionnaire for your customers using various question types and conditional questions
  • Change the questionnaire on the fly
  • Run analytics on your leads
  • Gain time & speed up your qualification processes

Be innovative and different

50% of customers would use websites or mobile apps that integrate voice channel. 80% of customers claim a more efficient customer service.
With Tookan, you will:
  • Consolidate the customer engagement
  • Offer a differentiating communication experience

Care and support your customers

Make your customers speak

  • Use audio and innovative technologies to know them better
  • Make them feel privileged
  • Ease their way of communicating

Structure and Organizing the data

  • Build questionnaires that fit any communication context
  • Get valuable analytics to make decisions

Strengthen the customer engagement

  • Give them access to their own private area
  • Provide them with inputs and information
  • Master your external communication

Simplify the recruiting process

Build fully configurable forms

  • Use various question types
  • Be straight forward with conditional questions
  • Centralize resumes and other documents

Gain some time

  • Put your candidates in interview conditions
  • Check out the applications any time
  • Bring your application process to the next level
  • Know your candidates better by listening to them

Innovative prospection

Let the leads come to you

  • Create public links to questionnaires to get leads or feedbacks
  • Print out QR codes to get exposure
  • Embed links to your email signature and website

Offer another experience to your prospects

  • Catch your prospect attention by using audio messages
  • Avoid cold calls
  • Be different from your competitors