You want to sell your products and services on the Internet...

Do it very easily with TOOKAN!

No need for a website to do e-commerce

Integrate the e-commerce module in just a few clicks!

Easy creation

Create your products, set prices & taxes to build your catalog.

An adapted payment

Set up your preferred payment gateway, very easily, in seconds.

Full integration

Orders are accessible by your customers from their area.

A simple and efficient ordering process

Tookan allows you to easily create orders and secure the entire payment process through our various integrations.

Audio advantages

With TOOKAN, you can sell, without constraint!

  • Create your product catalog very quickly
  • Automatically integrate orders into the customer area
  • Offer the possibility to your customers to pay directly online
  • Configure your preferred payment gateway in a few clicks
  • You don't need an e-commerce website to do eCommerce!
  • Define your own vision of e-commerce!