Integrate audio within your website

Provide your clients with a different and enriched content!

Create audio with TOOKAN

Easily, with no tools to install!

An easy creation

With no particular tools, using your device's microphone, create quickly the content you have imagined

A quick integration

Integrate the content you have just created within your website. Copy/paste the displayed HTML code and that's it!

A full immersion

Ease the tasks of your co-workers and make TOOKAN accessible directly from your own corporate back-office!

Imagine, create an original audio content

Tookan allows you to enrich your website and provide your customers with a different and differentiating content.

With TOOKAN, you can innovate!

  • Make your FAQs more educational and accessible
  • Take the time to explain, your client is listening to you
  • Sell ​​your products the way you do in-store
  • Enrich your news and take them to another dimension
  • Qualify for content that may seem impersonal or cold at first glance
  • Take into account your customers with reading difficulties
  • Create content that is more accessible to visually impaired people
Audio advantages